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Expert-driven, live-online courses in Programming, Data Science, Machine Learning, Interview Prep and Coding Practice.

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Our approach

Our training courses are an equal mix of deep theory, best practices and project-driven hands-on practice. Our goal is to get you up and running with a new technology and make you self-sufficient in the shortest possible time.

Live, instructor-led online training

We believe there is an advantage to learning live, from experts. Videos are nice, but what if you have a question? And of course, the flexiblity of watching training videos is a double-edged sword: without commitment to learn at a certain hour, life gets in the way and learning gets postponed. For these reasons, we believe live, instructor-led training will always be better.

Lots of practice and feedback to help you learn faster

Practice is essential for learning new concepts and skills. But practice without feedback is like flying blind. That's why our courses always include assigned homework and individual, instructor provided feedback, to help you improve fast.

Small groups

At Edlitera, you will not find courses in the hundreds. We believe small groups are the best for learning. We keep our classes small to make sure that everyone gets a chance to ask questions and actively participate.

Access to help between sessions

Forget about the frustration of getting stuck while watching online videos. Our instructors are here to help in-between sessions, so you can have a smooth learning experience.

What we offer

Machine Learning

  • Classic Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing

Coding Practice

  • Data Analysis Coding Practice
  • Python Programming Practice
  • Programming Algorithms Review
  • Classic Machine Learning Practice


  • Introduction to Programming with Python
  • Intermediate Programming with Python
  • Advanced Programming with Python
  • Python for Machine Learning

Data Analysis

  • Python for Data Analysis
  • Excel-to-Python
  • Data Exploration and Visualization with Python
  • Data Processing with Python

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