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Help your team deliver faster. When learning Python, your team will become more productive and pick up best practices and tricks as they go. Mentoring speeds up this process by pairing experienced data scientists and developers with your team for 1-1 guidance and feedback.

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How it Works

In order to make a lasting impact, mentoring sessions need to occur frequently. To facilitate fast and sustainable progress, our mentoring service provides one hour of contact time either daily or every other day (three times per week) for as long as necessary.

What to Expect

Pair programming sessions with an Edlitera consultant and one or two members of your team.

Remote video and audio pairing via Zoom web conferencing.

Sessions driven by your team's needs and questions.

Weekly progress reports including high-level feedback and suggestions.

Benefits of Mentoring

Shorter path to value when adopting Python.

Higher quality code from the start.

Increased team engagement.

In addition to faster learning, mentoring also helps your team gain insight into the wide range of libraries, algorithms and techniques available in the Python ecosystem for data science, visualization, machine learning and data engineering.

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