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Would you like to finally learn to code? Or sharpen your data skills?

You may have tried joining a local class or workshop. But commuting to class after work and before dinner was probably a struggle.

Or maybe you have tried taking an online course on your own, too. But staying motivated while figuring out the harder parts on your own was likely another struggle.

Or worse, you got stuck on some critical point and could not move on.

One thing’s for sure, though: you are NOT a quitter.

You want to master programming. You truly do want to learn data science. You are just tired of struggling on your own time after time. Who wouldn’t be?

In the mean time, tech speeds forward. All the cool things that you need to learn about - data science, machine learning, AI - keep moving forward at breakneck speed. You’re starting to feel a little left behind.

Maybe you…

  • don’t have time to wade through the murky depths of Internet hype to find high quality courses you can trust
  • learn best by having an instructor show you the ropes and give you feedback
  • don’t like banging your head on a wall when you get stuck on something

Maybe you’ve been thinking about changing careers, or maybe you simply want to stay up-to-date on all the ways big data is impacting your team’s work.

Sound familiar at all? If you answered "yes", then you are in the right place.

Who are we?

At Edlitera, our mission is to help you get off the struggle bus and onto the fast track to mastering the most up-to-date programming and data skills.

We make and teach online courses that help you learn programming and data science in the shortest, most painless way possible. With (mostly) no head-banging.

When you sign up for an Edlitera course, you will…

  • master cutting-edge skills in programming and data science - through our exclusive, proprietary course content and hands-on projects
  • get all the help you need to get unstuck every single time - in your private, instructor-led online community of classmates and mentors

Sound interesting? Want to learn more?

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