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Future-proof yourself and your team


Learn in-demand data and programming skills live from Harvard instructors and take your career to the next level.


Ivy League data science and programming training for your team, online or onsite.

What our students say

Zero to SQL Bootcamp

Learn how databases work, and start building SQL queries like a pro.


Intro to Data Science with Python

Master the most in-demand data skills in live sessions with an expert Data Scientist.


Python for Data Analysis

Become a data pro by mastering the most cutting-edge tool for data analysis.


Harvard University courses, taught by Harvard University instructors

Our courses are designed and taught live by US-based Data Scientists and Engineers, so you learn first-hand all the real-life skills that will make you successful in your career. Also, ours are the only online data science courses that have been taught weekly to 100+ students at Harvard University Extension School, by our instructors.

Online learning with a heaping dose of human touch

Need to learn new skills fast? When time is of the essence, we know that nothing beats learning with live, direct support from highly qualified humans. When you sign up for an Edlitera course, you get a live online session with the instructor every week, as well as unlimited support in between sessions from the instructor and highly qualified mentors. Just thought of another question? Ask away!

Structured learning that fits your schedule

Sometimes, life gets in the way and you need to miss a session. Worry not! You will be able to review the session recording first thing the next day and not miss a thing. Plus, with the unlimited support of our instructors and mentors, no question ever goes unanswered.

From here you can go anywhere

Want to launch or grow your career in tech? Need to learn a new tool for a project at work? Our past students have been product managers, marketing professionals, financial advisors, students and university professors. Their backgrounds were as diverse as their goals, and our courses helped each of them get to where they wanted to be. No matter where you want to go next, our instructors and mentors will help you get there!

Randi S., Edlitera student
Gaston G., Edlitera student

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