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How is Edlitera different?

Your team is smart and busy. When it comes to helping them get up to speed with a new skill, our goal is to get them there efficiently and with minimum disruption to their schedules.

Bespoke content


Edlitera business courses are tailored to meet your team where they are, and take them where they need to be fast.

Learning geared to action


Edlitera courses are highly actionable, with just enough theory to ensure a solid understanding.

Hybrid cohort-based learning


Edlitera hybrid cohort-based courses are flexible, time-efficient and cost-effective. Cohort-based courses foster camaraderie and peer support, under the live guidance and close feedback of an expert instructor.

White glove service


With over 150 hours of video lectures and hundreds of practice exercises and projects, our learning tracks will help you level up your skills whether you are a novice or an advanced learner.

Choose your training format


Empower your team to learn on their own, with self-driven video courses, hundreds of exercises, projects and solutions

Live Online

Get everyone together in a series of private workshop-style sessions.


Get the best of both worlds. Your team learns the theory on their own schedule. They then meet with the instructor as a cohort in short workshop-style sessions to ask questions, get feedback and work on projects.

What people say

"The course material was very comprehensive and well structured. The instructor was very knowledgeable. In addition, the exercise problems were really helpful to check whether I digest (sic) the materials."

Hardware Engineer (Introduction to Python)

"Excellent method of training using the Jupyter notebook. The material was very well organized and it had the right balance between theory and practical exercises. The instructor did a great job and I look forward to learning from him again!"

Trainee (Data Processing with Python)

"The class was very well structured. Ciprian is amazing! This was one of the best classes I have taken."

Trainee (Introduction to Python)

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