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Corporate Training

Your team already knows what your company and your customers need. We provide them with the cutting edge skills they need to deliver the most value. So you can capitalize on the potential that is already working for you.

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Introduction to Programming with Python

Python Scripting for Analysts

Data Analysis

Python for Data Analysis

Data Exploration and Visualization with Python

Data Science

Python for Data Science

Python for Machine Learning


Live, instructor-led online training.

Flexible scheduling that fits your team’s schedules, wherever they are.

Custom breakout sessions and office hours for a personalized learning experience.


In-person training at your offices.

Flexible formats that fit your team’s needs.

Project-driven and custom bootcamps available.


Claudia Virlanuta

Claudia is a data scientist, entrepreneur and the CEO of Edlitera. She also teaches programming and data science at Harvard University.

Before Edlitera, Claudia worked in biotech, marketing tech, and most recently in ecommerce on Wayfair’s data science team. Claudia earned her degree in Economics from Yale, with a focus on Statistics and Computer Science.

Ciprian Stratulat

Ciprian is a software engineer and the CTO of Edlitera. As an instructor, Ciprian is a big believer in first building an intuition about a new topic, and then mastering it through guided deliberate practice.

Before Edlitera, Ciprian worked as a Software Engineer in finance, biotech, genomics and e-book publishing. Ciprian holds a degree in Computer Science from Harvard University.

"I wanted to learn Python and be able to process data without being tied and limited by Excel and macros. These classes gave me all the tools to do so and beyond. The materials provided, the engagement of the class by the tutors and their availability to help us were excellent."

Gaston G., Edlitera student