Apache Spark and Data Stream Processing: A Crash Course

Build your first stream processing application using Spark and Structured Streaming.

What will I learn?

  • Learn to pinpoint when to use or not to use Spark.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of basic distributed data processing concepts.
  • Learn to leverage Spark’s core capabilities for your data projects.
  • Learn how to launch Spark clusters on AWS.
  • Learn how to think about and solve data-intensive problems.
  • Build an original solution for a real-world, practical stream processing problem.
  • Walk away with working code that you can use in your own projects.



Spark: Suitability, Concepts, and Capabilities

Gain an understanding of what Spark can and cannot do, and what use cases it is best suited for.


Setting up a Spark Environment

Learn how to work with Spark locally and on AWS.


Breaking in Your New Spark Environment

Learn the difference between transformations, actions, batch operations and stream processing.


Capstone Project

With your instructor's guidance, use what you've learned in this class to build a custom project.

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