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Future-proof your organization

We provide Ivy League-level training and consulting services in Python Programming, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Science and Data Engineering

We provide onsite and live online training in Data Analysis, Data Processing, Python, Excel-to-Python, Data Science and Machine Learning.

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Master using Python for data munging, processing, visualization, exploratory analysis and extracting data from public APIs.

Take your Python skills to the next level in this in-depth course.

Learn about what AI, ML and DL are, and how you can use each to grow the bottom line - in plain English.

Enable your team to become data pros by mastering the most cutting-edge tool for data analysis.

Master the most popular machine learning algorithms and methods available in Python's ecosystem.

Take your team's Python skills to the next level and start creating low-maintenance, resilient production systems.

Empower your team to learn the #1 most wanted tech skill in a private, live course tailored to your company's goals.

Enable your team to become advanced SQL users and use your data to deliver actionable insights.

Empower your team to leverage data science and machine learning using Python.

Learn the basics of machine learning operations (MLOps) using MLflow.

Build your first stream processing application using Spark and Structured Streaming.

Do you already write code in another language and don't want to sit through the ABCs of an Intro to Python class for beginners? This course is for you!


ANZ Bank is the largest bank in New Zealand, and the fourth largest in Australia. Innovation has always been part of ANZ’s DNA, and bringing Python and data science skills to its analysts was a strategic priority for the bank. Edlitera was selected to design and deliver a customized training program for the New York City group of ANZ Bank. Edlitera designed a data analysis training curriculum using Python, which incorporated ANZ Bank’s own data and processes.

Marino Vedanayagam, VP, Risk and Assurance, USA, ANZ Bank

"The projects were especially well delivered and were a highlight for the group. The ability to use real work projects and implement the learnings after the training session was something that really stood out."

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Consulting Services

Everyone gathers data. How you use it to drive profits is your competitive edge. Whether you're just getting started with a big data initiative or taking your current strategy to the next level, we can help you go from data to insights.

Marketing Effectiveness

Reduce customer acquisition costs and increase conversions.

People Analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse and retain your most valuable employees by understanding what motivates them.

Workflow Automation

Reduce risk and simplify workflows by translating your financial models from Excel to Python.

Cloud Architecture

Efficiently deploy scalable data architectures and pipelines, so your data scientists and analysts can access data sooner and make an impact faster.

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