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Data Science for Leaders

Learn about what Data Science is, and what it can do for your organization, in plain English.


July 17


Wednesdays, 06:30PM EDT


3 live group sessions with the instructor, and the completion of several worksheets.

Data Science for Leaders

What will I learn?

separate the value from the hype

understand what types of problems data science and machine learning can help solve

understand the different roles in the data science ecosystem

find and vet the right candidates for each role

manage the data science process

learn how to check your data scientists’ work for accuracy even if you are not technical

identify and avoid project pitfalls

ensure that your data science projects are always delivering value

Course curriculum

Session 1
Data Science in a Nutshell

Get a no-nonsense, plain English answer to the question "What is Data Science?". Learn how to assemble and manage a Data Science team, and how to measure the success of a Data Science project.

Session 2
Managing the Data Science Process

Learn what Data Science and Machine Learning could do for your organization, and what you can do to make it happen.

Session 3
Data Science in the Trenches: What Will Go Wrong and How to Fix It

Learn how to test your Data Scientist’s work for accuracy, even if you’re not technical, and how to make decisions based on Data Science results.

Elite instructors

You learn from an elite team of industry experts who have taught at universities such as Harvard, and have trained teams at companies such as Qualcomm.

Sustained practice

You start coding from day one, and get valuable feedback, which is the fastest, most effective way to hone your skills and master programming.

Tailored feedback

You get personalized, live feedback and guidance directly from your instructors.

Fellowship and community

You gain access to a vibrant and engaging community of fellow students and knowledgeable mentors in every class.

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Your registration covers:

Access to all 3 live instructor-led sessions
Recordings of all 3 live sessions.
All course worksheets and materials.
Comprehensive resources.
Personalized feedback and support.



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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at business leaders who are interested in learning more about data science at a high level, including specific business applications for it, and how to start leveraging data science in their organizations. Whether you are tasked with building a data science team from scratch, or just beginning to assess the potential benefits of data science and machine learning for your organization, this workshop is for you.

2. I want my whole team to take this course. Do you offer private training for companies?

We sure do. Check out our corporate training page for more information on the topics and formats we offer, or shoot us an email at [email protected]

3. I’m interested! What happens after I register?

After you register for this course, you get a confirmation email. You get a second email containing the details you need to hit the ground running on your first class, including:
•    recommended preparation for the first session
•    how to join the live classes
•    invitation to the online class community

4. I have another question.

We most likely have an answer for you. Ping us at [email protected] and we’ll go from there.