Intro to Programming with Python

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Intro to Programming with Python

What will I learn?

  • Get live guidance from a team of world-class instructors and mentors.
  • Learn how to do basic data wrangling using Python.
  • Get started writing and running Python scripts.
  • Gain an understanding of Python’s role in the data science ecosystem.
  • Practice what you are learning with hands-on problems and miniprojects.
  • Enjoy access to a comprehensive collection of proprietary learning materials and resources.
  • Learn practical programming skills that can significantly improve your productivity.
  • Learn how you can automate tedious manual processes.
  • Learn to code in Python, even if you are a complete beginner at programming.
  • Be able to better communicate with engineers.


Programming Basics

Learn how to get started writing and running Python programs on your computer.    

Compound Data and Control Flow

Learn how to make choices using loops and conditionals, and how to work with compound data types, such as lists and tuples.    

Interactive Programs

Learn how to build interactive and reusable programs that can process documents and human commands.

Why Edlitera?

Build the coding, data and AI skills you need, online, on your own schedule. From learning to code as a beginner to mastering cutting-edge data science, machine learning and AI techniques.

Learning for the real world

Our courses are made with the input and feedback of top teams at Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street.

No-fluff learning

Each minute of each course is packed full of insight, best practices and real-world experience from our expert instructors.

Learn by doing

Start writing code on your computer from Day One. Practice on hundreds of exercises. Apply your skills in mini-projects. Get instant feedback from video solutions.

Complete learning tracks

With over 150 hours of video lectures and hundreds of practice exercises and projects, our learning tracks will help you level up your skills whether you are a novice or an advanced learner.

What people are saying

"I walked into the bootcamp with some basic Python syntax and walked out with a much stronger, contextualized grasp of Python, an understanding of common mistakes, the ability to solve basic coding problems, and confidence in my ability to learn more."

Randi S., Edlitera Student
Randi S., a graduate of Edlitera's Python training bootcamp

"I wanted to learn Python and be able to process data without being tied and limited by Excel and macros. These classes gave me all the tools to do so and beyond. The materials provided, the engagement of the class by the tutors and their availability to help us were excellent."

Gaston G., Edlitera Student
Gaston G., a graduate of Edlitera's Python training bootcamp

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