Intro to Programming with Python

Master the fundamentals of programming in live, hands-on sessions with a Harvard instructor.


April 17


Tuesdays, 06:30PM EDT


3 X 45-minute instructor-driven sessions, videos and weekly practice projects

Intro to Programming with Python


According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, jobs requiring data and coding skills are growing 12% faster than the market average, and demand for qualified employees with advanced data skills has never been higher.

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Course Instructor

Claudia Virlanuta

Claudia is a Data Scientist and Co-Founder at Edlitera, a company dedicated to delivering Ivy League-quality technology education, and enabling people to build careers they are passionate about. In addition to her role at Edlitera, Claudia also holds a Faculty role at Harvard University.

Prior to starting Edlitera, Claudia worked in biotech, marketing technology, and in ecommerce on Wayfair’s Data Science team. She is a passionate advocate for diversity in tech, and she is also the founder of Data Women, a Boston-area group for women in Data Science and Analytics. Claudia earned her degree in Economics from Yale, with a focus on Statistics and Computer Science.

Relevant and effective content

Learn programming through live sessions with instructors & mentors, hands-on coding, self-paced videos and weekly practice exercises.

A vibrant and engaging community

Expand your network and draw inspiration from your fellow students. Get unstuck and keep moving forward with support from expert instructors and mentors.

Structured learning that fits your schedule

Sometimes, life gets in the way and you need to miss a session. Worry not! You will be able to review the session recording first thing the next day and not miss a thing. Plus, with the unlimited support of our instructors and mentors, no question ever goes unanswered.


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Our courses are designed and taught live by US-based Data Scientists and Engineers, so you learn first-hand all the real-life skills that will make you successful in your career. Also, ours are the only online data science courses that have been taught at Harvard by our instructors.

From here, go anywhere

Past students have taken this course to prepare for data science and analytics job interviews, for enrollment in a traditional Master’s degree program, or for using programming and data skills to innovate in their current jobs or personal projects. Where will you go next?

What you will learn

Session 1
Programming Basics

Learn how to get started writing and running Python programs on your computer using Jupyter notebooks and the command line.

Session 2
Using Data and Making Choices

Learn how to make choices using loops and conditionals, and how to work with compound data types such as lists and tuples.

Session 3
Interactive Programs

Learn how to build interactive and reusable programs that can process documents and human commands.

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Intro to Programming with Python


1. Why should I enroll in this class?

Learning to code will have a very positive impact on your career in many different fields and roles. In this course, you will learn real-world programming skills that are highly useful in an ever-increasing number of roles and industries. The demand for programming skills is very high across the board, and in many different types of organizations. First taught at Harvard, this course has been proven to be perfect for anyone looking to gain valuable programming skills.

2. How much does it cost, and what does the fee cover?

This 3-week long course costs $374. The fee covers:

  • all materials and resources used in this course
  • weekly classes taught live by the instructor via webinar
  • constant support and direct feedback on your work and progress from our instructors
  • access to a vibrant online community of mentors and peers
  • all taxes and fees

3. Can my employer pay for this course on my behalf?

Definitely! Many of our students have been employer-sponsored. Check with your employer about tuition benefits.

4. Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for this course - beginners are welcome!

5. How is this course structured?

This course is 3 weeks long, and includes the following:

  • 3 weekly 45-minute live webinar sessions with the instructor
  • comprehensive collection of learning materials and resources
  • constant support and feedback from our instructors and mentors

6. I’m interested! What happens after I register?

After you register for this course, you will get a confirmation email right away. Later on, you will get a second email containing all the details you will need to hit the ground running on your first class, including:

  • how to join the live classes
  • recommended preparation for the first session
  • invitation to the online class community

7. I really want to take this course, but I have a schedule conflict. What happens if I miss a session?

Our courses are designed to give you the most effective and flexible learning experience available. If you need to miss a live session, you can watch the session recording which will become available the following day, and work through the weekly assignment as per usual. If you get stuck or have questions, your instructor and mentors are always available and happy to help get you unstuck - just ask!

8. What kind of weekly time commitment should I expect?

In addition to the 45-minute weekly instructor-led session, on average, we find that students spend 3-4 hours per week studying, watching videos and working on practice problems and projects. However, this is an average, so some students may require more, or less, time to complete the coursework.

9. Can I take this course if I live outside of the US?

Absolutely! All students everywhere are welcome to enroll in this English-language course.