Bye, Data Science Jungle... Hello, Edlitera!

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Data Science Jungle and our workshops, you’ll notice something different about us today.

As Data Science Jungle, we have helped prepare dozens of people to launch and grow their careers in analytics and data science. However, we soon learned that data science is not the only field that our students are interested in, and we have come to recognize that our educational programs and our vision can make a positive impact on many other people who may be interested in other areas in technology.

For this reason, Data Science Jungle is now Edlitera. Our new name is a play on the Latin phrase "ad litteram", which means "exactly". At Edlitera, our mission is to deliver precise, accessible tech education that fits exactly to the most current job market requirements and to our students’ lifestyles, propelling you, our students, to reach the top in your dream careers faster.

Starting April 25th, if you try to visit, you’ll automatically be rerouted to our new home at, where you will find new classes, workshops and resources to help you be more successful every day. Other than that, there’s really no change to your experience!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Yours truly,
The Edlitera Team

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